How the new IP camera listing works

We have changed the way that we list IP cameras when adding or changing an IP camera.  Since the beginning of version 2 we had a static list of IP cameras and models which required that we constantly update the list as cameras came out.  This was daunting and frankly we sucked at keeping it updated since cameras were released daily by manufacturers.  We've now partnered with, which is basically a crowd sourcing list of IP cameras and manufacturers.  

There are some bugs that need to be worked out.  With any crowd sourced list, some things may not be correct (RTSP path, MJPEG path).  Some models may not be missing.  We've added a online form that you can use to report problems or add changes.  We'll work with cambase to get the changes added.

What you need to know

If you are upgrading from the stable branch to the unstable branch you will notice that the camera name and camera model are no longer showing up when you edit a existing camera.  This is because there wasn't a way to synchronize the cameras between our old list and the new list.  

It is highly suggested that you make note of the RTSP path and MJPEG path of the camera *before* you save the camera if you make any changes to it.  Once you select the model number from the drop down list it will overwrite the RTSP and MJPEG paths.

Help!  The values are wrong for my camera

Can't find your camera in the list but know the RTSP and MJPEG path?  Use this link ( to submit a correction.  We'll work with to get the information update.

You can also the next step on how to pull live updates from Cambase


Pulling live updates from

From the Bluecherry admin page click 'Settings' and then change the default from 'Local list' to 'Live'.  This will query the servers and pull down the most updated list of camera models.

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