Using Blue Iris with Bluecherry BC-H480p series

The Bluecherry BC-H480p series cards support Direct Show using our driver, which can be downloaded  Bluecherry BC-H480p Windows drivers.  Our Bluecherry Direct Show drivers are supported in Blue Iris.  Due to the H.264 compression nature of these chips, there are 3 types of encoders that are exposed to Blue Iris.  The BC-H480p-8 will show 24 encoders, the BC-H480p-16 will show 48 to pick from.  

Video Capture

Uncompressed, raw video output, meaning that it is not compressed.  While Blue Iris supports this, you will not have any advantage of using this encoder to save CPU as Blue Iris will have to encode this stream.

Video Encoder

H.264 compressed stream that supports D1 resolution (720x480 NTSC).  Blue Iris supports this encoded stream and this will save 20-70% CPU, depending on the CPU.

Sub Encoder

H.264 compressed stream, however only CIF resolution (320x240 NTSC) are supported this.  This sub encoder can be used with Blue Iris, however because of the lower resolution it is not a popular encoder and is used for custom applications where two channels need to be opened at the same time.

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