Installing Bluecherry from the Bluecherry repository

Obtain download instructions

If you haven't purchased a software license from us, you can give our software a free 30 day spin by clicking here and you will be given the download instructions. 

Copy and paste the commands to add our repository, or use the ISO to automate the install.

Installing the server

The instructions below assume you have received the download instructions, or installed from our CD installer.

If you do not already have mysql-server installed you will be prompted to create a password for the 'root' MySQL account. While Ubuntu lists this as optional, it is recommended that you set a password.

You will now be asked to configure Bluecherry. You must hit Yes, or the installation process will fail.

Enter the database administrative password that you set previously for the 'root' user.

Enter the password that you want to create for the bluecherry database. This can be the same password that you provided for the root MySQL account, but we recommend keeping the password unique. You will be asked to enter this password twice to verify the password matched.

At this point the bluecherry server will be installed. If you plan to install the client on the same system, then please follow the  client installation guide.

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