Installation of the BC-H08240A

Overview / Installation of the Bluecherry BC-H08240, 8 port video capture card (PCIe)

Thanks for purchasing!

Thanks for your purchase of the Bluecherry H.264 8 port capture card (BC-H08240A).  Because the driver is updated frequently it is best that you download the latest driver from our public Git repository (  

Note:  If you are using Version 2 of our surveillace software, you do not need to download this driver.  It will be installed for you during installation.

Should you have any questions about the driver, please visit and click on Forums -> Community Support -> Hardware compression MPEG-4 / H.264 driver.  If you question isn't answered on these pages you can open a ticket under 'Submit a request'.  Please include a detailed question or comment, along with any relevant log(s) including /var/log/kern.log (or the putout of dmesg) and the output of lspci.

Card layout

1) DB-25 port (Connect the pigtail containing 8 video / 8 audio ports here)

2) Composite video output

3) Composite audio output

4) GPIO Port #1

5) GPIO Port #2

6) Watchdog connector (optional - not required)

Connecting audio and video cables

1) DB-25 port for video

2) BNC connector for video

3) RCA connector for audio

Connecting the optional watchdog cable

The Bluecherry cards have a built-in watchdog interface which, if enabled, attempts to reset the system in the event of a hard lock.  

1) The reset switch from the case (if applicable) plugs into these two pins

2) The supplied red and black cable plugs into the last two ports.  The other end of the supplied cable connects to the reset port on the motherboard.  

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