Server side motion detection

We support several types of 'server side' motion detection. Server side motion detection allows much more fine tuning of motion detection zone(s), sensitivity, and reducing false alerts from bugs or lighting changes. All of this is at the cost of CPU time to decode the video, process each frame for motion analytics and send alerts if required.

Enable motion detection We support motion detection in either a complete global setting (Global Schedule option) or per camera (Devices -> Camera -> Schedule -> [X] Use device specific schedule for this camera.

From the list of schedule options select 'Motion' or 'Motion + Constant'

Select ‘Use device-specific schedule for this camera.’ and ‘Trigger recording on ONVIF events’.

Then select ‘Trigger’ in the scheduling checkbox and click ‘Fill all’, or whatever schedule you wish to enable for your system.

Document image

Then click ‘Save changes’

Check the Bluecherry log (System Log) or from the command line ‘tail -f /var/log/bluecherry.log’

Verifying Configuration You should see the following in the Bluecherry logs once motion detection is enabled


When a motion event occurs the log will show:


Updated 15 Sep 2021
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